Subtecto Electronics B.V. your One-Stop Shop EMS partner!

Subtecto Electronics B.V. is the answer to your production issues and focuses on the development & production of PCB, PCBAs, front foils and/or total products. With production locations in NL and Eastern Europe, we can produce any volume in a short period of time.

Our expertise


You can focus on marketing & market developments, we take care of the production. That is the starting point of Subtecto Electronics B.V. We therefore consciously choose to produce your products in Europe. This is to be able to offer you the certainty that the quality and safety of your products is guaranteed.


Subtecto Electronics B.V. helps you convert your product idea into production data


We prefer to purchase all the components for your BOM ourselves. This is to keep control over quality and planning.


With a total of 10 SMT machines, the production lines are ready to support you.


You can also purchase these competitively from Subtecto Electronics B.V. according to customer specifications.

Product Assembly

In addition to the electronics, we are also happy to take care of your complete product.

Testing & Certificatiion

Testing & certification gives you the confirmation that your product meets all the requirements and that is also what your customer expects.

Years of experience

Extensive experience in
production development

A new name in the electronics manufacturing market. But one with extensive experience in the production & development of PCBs, PCBAs and total products. This experience can be found in both our employees and our Dutch and Eastern European production locations .

From advice to production

Subtecto Electronics B.V. is your One-Stop Shop EMS partner!

Even though we have only just started with Subtecto Electronics B.V., I can assure you that we already have many years of experience in this field. We are therefore happy to take you by the hand when you want to convert your product idea into electronics. Taking into account your wishes, but certainly also the electronic and/or material limitations, we give you good, cost-efficient and thorough advice. When we convert this advice into production data, the earlier sketches unfold into actual tangible products in 3D.

As soon as the data is ready, we will enter the next phase, which is that of prototyping and validation. We will usually produce this step for you in the Netherlands, as we want to have measurement results quickly. The time to market for many of our customers is one of the reasons for doing business with Subtecto Electronics B.V.

After the prototypes and testing have been completed, we will enter the next phase with you and discuss the production & certification options.

With production facilities in the Netherlands and Eastern Europe, we can provide for any production volume in a short period of time. We prefer to take everything off your hands so that you can focus on marketing & market developments.


The latest developments



Recycling where possible should be/become a spearhead for every company. At Subtecto Electronics B.V. we want to set a good example by reusing our boxes

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