All components for your product


Extensive network of suppliers

We prefer a central purchase of all the necessary parts for your product. Through our extensive network of suppliers, we are able to purchase hard-to-find components all over the world. In this way we unburden you as a customer, but we can also guarantee the quality of these purchased components and/or parts. In addition, it is a big plus that we keep control of our production planning ourselves and can arrange it to your wishes.

Now, given the current circumstances, there are of course exceptions.

“We have secured our key components by purchasing them ourself in larger volumes and keeping them in stock.”
‘We have been doing business with this company for many years and buy our own products there’

That is also no problem for Subtecto Electronics B.V. You guarantee the quality of these components and/or parts and we will use them in one of our production locations. Since it is located in Europe, the shipping costs and risks will be very limited.